Aaron Vansevenandt


Business Experience

  • BComm (Marketing) MacEwan University
  • Facilitation and Logistics Support
  • Developing workshops and survey frameworks that surface meaningful data
  • Data and market analysis


(403) 261-7077 x210
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When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.”  –Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Consulting Success

  • Producing reports that inform the client’s strategic direction
  • Using visual resources to present data in insightful and meaningful ways
  • Applying sound statistical analysis for reliable interpretation of data
  • Assisting in the facilitation of data collection at various points in the research process


Strong work ethic, dedication to personal and professional growth, and a passion for marketing research has got me where I am today. My undergraduate education focused on marketing and marketing research, where I learned a number of techniques to collect and analyze data, and how to propose integrated strategic solutions from specific marketing research objectives.

Having been hand-picked for an academic research assistant position at MacEwan University where I earned my undergraduate degree, I have demonstrated that I possess the organizational skills and attention to detail necessary to be a successful marketing research analyst at Framework Partners.

“Aaron specializes in data and market analysis, and drawing learnings from such analysis in order to reveal trends that impact results and conclusions. Aaron is an intelligent and hard-working Marketing Research Professional with a persistent focus that has allowed him to achieve success” – Alec Milne, Partner.