Angie Alexander

Senior Consultant

Business Experience

  • Professional Engineer with over 20 years experience in the Western Canadian oil & gas industry
    – Over 15 years of multi-discipline engineering roles in upstream oil & gas
    – 5 years of Integrated & Strategic Planning
    – Organizational Effectiveness, Facilitation, Team Strategy, Decision Quality and Process Design & Improvement
  • Possesses a passion for bringing teams together to work more effectively, make better decisions, be more innovative and think more strategically
  • Advanced Facilitation Training
  • Framing of complex decision and risk analysis problems Field Development Planning training


(403) 261-7077
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Consulting Success

  • Sought out to unlock the power of multi-discipline teams to unravel and solve complex technical & business problems
  • Led a multi-discipline team to create, document and implement a process for Execution Planning, Development Planning and Appraisal Planning
  • Sought out by leaders at various levels to act as a sounding board for their team organizational designs, issue resolution and ongoing strategy conversations
  • Successfully facilitated and guided newly formed teams through their strategic vision development and key behaviour conversations
  • Viewed as a leader on asset teams for play development, approval meetings and updates to senior management
  • Created simple tools to create a more efficient work environment that were used and modified by others


Angie is an empathetic and people-oriented engineer who brings an extensive oil & gas background along with strong facilitation skills to help teams unravel complex technical problems. She is curious and engaged and quickly gets a team to articulate “what is the problem you are trying to solve?”

She is passionate about driving collaborative behaviours across all levels of an organization and all disciplines in an organization. She is adept at bringing the right people together at the right time to have the right conversation in order to create the most value. She believes that leadership exists at all levels and should be nurtured and rewarded.

Angie’s husband and teenage daughters are avid soccer players, so her analogies are often sport-themed. While not watching or driving to soccer, Angie enjoys hiking, skiing, Pilates and time with friends and family.

“Angie has a great understanding of the oil and gas industry, and because of this she was able to facilitate my leaders towards developing a strategy and a set of goals very quickly. She was very focused and kept us on track through out the process while forcing us to think “out of the box”. With her help, the team leads quickly came together and were able to develop and implement a strategy in a timely manner which was a must do to low commodity prices.

I was very pleased with the Angie’s commitment and impressed with her ability to make us think in different ways that we were not accustomed to. As a result of her facilitation, we became a very focused team that was ready to take on the new realities of the oil and gas industry.” – Pierre G – SVP, Drilling & Completions