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We understand the many issues facing the oil and gas and energy industries, including commodity price fluctuations, regulatory demands, technology changes, project execution and public relations. 

We have worked with all sectors of the oil and gas market, including upstream, mid-stream, downstream and service companies. Additionally, we have worked with electric energy providers, professional and field service, bio-fuel and pipeline companies.

Below is a sample of Framework’s recent assignments:


Worked with the plant management and the corporate safety team of the oil-sands operation, with production exceeding 100,000bpd., Framework applied Six Sigma techniques for process improvement, which included:

  • the appointment of a cross-functional task team; documenting the existing processes;
  • the identification of performance measurements
  • and gathering data to facilitate cause-and-effect and root-cause-analyses.

The consensus recommendations from the cross-functional team were accepted by the Steering Team and acted upon.

A new organization was set to begin operating shortly thereafter and a new information system was implemented. 

Framework assisted in the successful implementation of all recommendations and proceeded with work on two new phases.

The midstream and downstream business units embarked on implementing the best practices strategic planning process.

Framework participated in several business segments specific strategic planning sessions. The sessions were attended by a wide variety of representatives, including Operations, Marketing, Engineering, Environmental, and others.

 Framework challenged the participants to think out-of-the-box and provided on-the-spot feedback on the process being followed. Framework developed the market assessments and supported the development of strategic plans for each of the associated business segments.

The client was able to launch a multi-tiered, participative strategic planning process and that could be used as a platform for ongoing management and growth of the business.

The process also served to reveal gaps between strategy and operations and the types of actions that are required to ensure alignment.


Canadian Natural is one of the most impressive growth stories on the Canadian corporate landscape. The company’s culture relies on a dedicated workforce that is aligned with the company’s mission, vision and corporate values. The company views its leadership strength as a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Working with senior management from across the organization, Framework developed an applied leadership program that was firmly based on the values, culture and business practices of the client.

The scope of our work involved:

  • Conducting a comprehensive needs assessment; Designing a leadership model to match the corporate culture
  • Developing and producing the specific content and materials for the program
  • Monitoring and adjusting the program according to the participant feedback.

The six-day program has been delivered to over 400 leaders across all parts of the company. The tools, concepts and models are being widely implemented in the company and feedback from attendees has been overwhelmingly positive with regard to the value and applicability of the program.

Conducted a governance review of the Strategic Steering Committee, including operationalization of the legal agreements, role clarification, the introduction of best practices and annual assessment of charter implementation.

Worked with Steering Committees for each EPA (Environmental Priority Area) to clarify and redefine their terms of reference and roles;

developed and piloted a program to assess their performance and identify and address gaps.