Production &
Transportation Modelling


Framework is a Calgary-based management consulting group that has provided professional services and support to a variety of organizations, locally and internationally, for over 20 years. 

Framework helps organizations to maximize operating efficiencies and minimize costs by designing, implementing and managing effective logistics strategies and by understanding and leveraging factors such as competitive dynamics, service valuation and management, and network design.

Railway Contract Development, Negotiation and Management

Framework provides advice, scope and assistance in railway contracting utilizing its extensive knowledge and understanding of rail tariffs and contracts, regulation and regulatory processes. Framework has access to a network of specialized transportation professionals, including costing, legal and political relations experts.

Operations Management

Framework assists organizations with the design and implementation of operations management structures and processes, including inventory and terminal management, network and facilities design, demand management, fleet planning and management, and customer interface.

Cost and Service Management

Framework supports organizations in the analysis of direct and indirect transportation and logistics costs, and in the development of cost tracking and management systems. Framework helps organizations to understand the impact and value of service levels, and to design and implement strategies to manage and mitigate service disruptions.

A Sampling of Our Experience

  • Led several strategic reviews of the Western Canadian sulphur industry, considering traditional gas-based and emerging oil sands-based supply sources and associated infrastructure required to move the production to tidewater. Supported the development of greenfield asset proposals to capture strategic opportunities and enhance the supply chain from source to tidewater.
  • Facilitated an industry working group comprised of oil and gas company representatives to develop a new model and agreement for sulphur handling at the port of Vancouver.
  • Worked senior management teams at several oil and gas midstream players to frame and assess market opportunities for natural gas and natural gas liquids (NGLs) midstream assets, develop and evaluate strategic alternatives, and establish a strategic direction and priorities for future growth.
  • Facilitated an industry working group comprised of oil and gas company representatives to develop a new model and agreement for the stockpiling and handling of a bulk commodity at a marine terminal on Canada’s west coast.
  • Led a review of handling and forming alternatives for a major sulphur producer in Western Canada. Conducted qualitative and quantitative analysis of viable alternatives. Developed recommendations for infrastructure requirements.
  • Worked with the management team of a west coast bulk commodity terminal to review the global market environment for commodities, develop a strategic direction and set priorities for action.
  • Developed operational model and analytical tools, based on historic rail, vessel and operational performance data, to assess scenarios for expansion and consolidation at a bulk commodity marine terminal.