Equipping Boards for
Maximum Performance


Achieving excellence in board governance is very challenging, even for experienced board members. That’s why many organizations rely on experienced advisors like Framework to help them evaluate boards and related board processes.

Understanding that every board has unique demands, strengths and shortcomings, Framework seeks to understand the context that the Board works in to identify relevant best practices. We then support the Board in the implementation of those practices.

Framework's Board comprehensive evaluation process assesses performance along 10 dimensions:
  • Strategic Direction (articulation)
  • Strategic Direction (implementation)
  • Fiduciary Responsibilities
  • Management of the Senior Executive
  • Risk Management
  • Board Composition and Succession Planning
  • Board Meeting Effectiveness
  • Board Member Effectiveness
  • Board Committees
  • Key Stakeholder Needs

A Governance Audit takes the work of the Board Assessment one step further by comparing your organization against that of Board Governance Best Practices. Specific recommendations can then be formulated to elevate your Board's performance.

Framework provides guidance in developing action plans targeted to improve overall Board effectiveness.

Future performance targets are established including a comparative analysis against a broad pool of Boards in the Framework database.

To advance Board development, a review of priorities, board structure, skills and policies is conducted along with high-performance team development and leadership coaching.

Framework also conducts customized workshops to expand the knowledge of Board members on leadership, team effectiveness, governance basics, Board Trends and Best Practices.


We draw upon our extensive experience and actual cases from across a variety of sectors to highlight the practices of high-performing boards and the challenges they face.